Private Investigations

Leader Investigation Agency


Statement Geneva Police Department


  • ADetective Intermediaries and Private Investigators
  • Declaration Department of Security, Police and Environment
  • Professional card issued by the Canton Geneva police


We have 15 years of experience in the following fields:

  • Adultery, suspicion of infidelity, double life
  • Spinning
  • Babysitting control,
  • Support reassessment survey
  • Premarital surveys,
  • teenage dating control
  • We can see any act of vandalism or malice towards your property.
  • Paternity search: by legal procedures, we can provide you with medical proof of paternity or affiliation. (See also successor search).
  • Neighborhood problem: we are here to attest to all kinds of nuisance from your neighbors (Nighttime noise, visual disturbance, aggressive or
  • even dangerous behavior, rental disputes, etc.).
  • Drug trafficking (for minors)
  • Lifestyle check
  • Search for heirs Search and verification of testimonies, control of inheritance diversion ...
  • Suspicions of belonging to a sect
  • Control of house staff
  • Breach of trust, pressure, threats
  • Search for missing persons



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